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Gym shoes Women

Innovative knit technology upper, along with the memory foam insole, provides you with a 360 degree fit when you hit the Gym, cross-train or indulge in aerobic sessions. The outsole has been specifically designed to provide you with better traction control and the firm base helps enhance your output while minimizing the injuries.
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Crust 1.0-Zeven Women Batsman Shoes

CRUST 1.0 – Batsman shoes by Zeven are engineered for comfort, ventilation, flexibility & on- pitch performance. Rubber studs & velcro grip give you the firmness you need while batting & running between the 22 yards.
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Blaze-Zeven Women Bowler Shoes

BLAZE- Women bowler shoes by Zeven are engineered to help boost your on-pitch bowling performance. These rubber studded cricket shoes deliver the stability that you require throughout the midfoot & ankle during the match sessions. Packed with features like the ankle strap and collar with padding, these shoes are just what you’d need to set the pace.
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Crust-Zeven Women All Rounder Shoes

Step up your on-pitch performance and blow your opponents over with CRUST all rounder cricket shoes by Zeven. Designed for Indian weather & conditions & packed with features like the rubber outsole, breathable mesh, box toe protection, these shoes promise to give you an extra edge on field.
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